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Server and Skin Pack Update - 2/2/2018

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1Server and Skin Pack Update - 2/2/2018 Empty Server and Skin Pack Update - 2/2/2018 on Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:54 am


Server and Skin Pack Update - 2/2/2018 The_cz10
Here at Legends RP, we want our players to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, which is why we've partnered with everyone's favorite totally-not-evil megacorporation to bring you this massive update!


Our amazing new products!

Playermodels with the latest fashions!

  • Czerka employees
  • Ezad Ochindu
  • Syfas
  • SK-2 Assassin Droid
  • Sith scout trooper and technician
  • Formal wear for Exzii, Infaltra and Gadon
  • Additional outfits for Jozek Stehlin
  • Additional outfits for Jax

Our trusted NPC associates!

  • Czerka employees, always ready to assist you!
  • Our brand new SK-2 assassin droids!
  • NPC versions of Catri, Jax, Rayce, Damian, Iwair, Exzii, Peoffo, HK-55, Gadon and Infaltra.
  • Sith scouts and techs
  • Our shareholders

Maps in exotic locations!

We listened to your feedback! Here's what we've changed on the server:

  • Updated ZykMod to v3.67.
  • Added training pole to t3_bounty. When you hit it, the exact damage is displayed.

(Special thanks to Smoo for both of these, you're the best!)

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