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This thread is for links to the custom maps and mods used in our roleplaying events.

This pack contains all the skins and weapons currently used in the RPGs. The pack is updated regularly, so you should probably check this board before each session to ensure you have the latest version. I will post a changelog there after every update.

Full list of its contents:

Skins (with /model command names):
atton - Atton Rand/Dedrick Jones.
battledroid - B1 Battle Droid.
bith - A Bith.
calo - Calo Nord.
carth - Carth Onasi
chissreborn - A Chiss Reborn/Jedi. Used as Iwair's skin.
cloneultcom - Clone Commando.
darthreven - Revan in his original Sith armor.
darthsion - Sleeps-with-vibroblades.
derrick - Generic Human male mercenary customization, with KotOR armor.
DeviantMando - Chrome-armored Mandalorian customization.
dustil - Dustil Onasi
Raena - Raena. (#haveyouseenthiswoman?)
Guns - Zagara's boyfriend with a robotic arm.
hk47 - Everyone's favorite assassin droid.
hk50 - Everyone's favorite mass-produced assassin droids.
hs_dooku - Count Dooku/Senator Trump.
imperialcommando - Imperial Navy Trooper.
Itho - Ithorians
Jax - One of the many, many Jax Pavans. Not the one from the books.
jedi_stkotor_aliens1 - Male alien Jedi customization.
jedi_stkotor_aliens2 - Ditto.
jedi_tm - Twi'lek male civilian customization.
JediFem1 - KotOR 1 female Jedi customization.
PSK_KAM - Versiof, or his more well known impostor from the Clone Wars.
kreia - That old lady you were stuck with on KotOR II.
LieutenantLyste - An Imperial Officer from Rebels.
Luke_EU - Jacen, who bears a striking resemblance to a certain farm boy.
mandalore - Mandalorian leader.
Mandalorian - Mandalorian neo-crusader customization.
nihilus - The Lord of Hunger.
OpoChano - Duros. Features default_# variants like the Ithorians.
Rakata - Ancient Aliens.
Rayce - Rayce Skykiller/Kontorora.
RepLightTrooper - Old Republic Soldier.
republictrooper - Old Republic special forces trooper.
sarran_kysak - Wolfeye's old skin from Random.
SavageOpressRobes - Darth Maul's little bro.
SavageOpressRobesD - A variant of the above, in a different folder for some reason.
Selkath - Fish people from Manan.
sith_warrior - K1 armored sith.
sithimp - Sith Imperial Officer/Agent.
sithsoldier - KotOR Sith Trooper.
sithsoldier2 - SWTOR Sith Trooper.
^ Add /infected to any of the above three skins to get a zombie-like version.
sullustan - The oddly fish-like natives of a lava planet.
Swoopgang - Nikto thugs.
traya - Kreia during her Sith phase.
tulak_hord - Tulak Hord.
TwinSuns - Twi'lek female civilian customization.
Visas - The Exile's Sith bodyguard.
wardroid - Sith battle droid.
verasx - Cheif Tal Varasx, my SIS commander character.
catri - Agent Catri Niachei, the catgirl agent.
Damian - Agent Reyal
ViSyndahl - Art's Agent character.
cyborg_K - Agent Phelps
Jedi_GenericFemale1/Jedi_GenericFemale1A - ST Female Jedi Customization.
jedi_stkotor_european - Generic human male Jedi customization.
UJP_humanSP - More generic human Jedi.
SenatorTikkes - Generic Quarren in formal wear.
dark_honor_guard - Sith Dark Honor Guard.
darkjedi - KotOR 1 generic Dark Jedi/Sith.
hk55 - Gold HK-55 unit.
jedi_battlelord - Armored Jedi Knight
JtempleG - Jedi Temple Guard
sateleshan - Satele Shan
sith_assassin - KotOR 2 Sith Assassin
sith_master - KotOR 2 Sith Master
sith_warrior2 - SWTOR Sith Warrior
t7-o1 - T7 Astromech Droid
telos_officer - Republic Police Officer
zakuul_knight - Zakuul Knight
darth_marr - Darth Marr, or one of the hundreds of other Sith wearing his armor.
hylo_visz - Hylo Visz, the famous Mirilian smuggler who broke the Mandalorian blockade.
niko_okarr - Niko Okarr, the smuggler from the SWTOR "Return" cinematic.
porg - A Porg (not usable by players).
shaevizla - Shae Vizla, the Mandalorian from the SWTOR "Deceived" cinematic.
Sith_Pureblood - A Sith Pureblood, wearing Darth Marr's armor.
theron_shan - Tharon Shan, Satele's son and former SIS agent.
Tythonian_War_Droid - Ancient Battle Droid.
cz1 - Male Czerka Employees
cz2 - Twi'lek Male Czerka Employees
cz3 - Female Czerka Employees
DrTimorous - Dr. Prometheus Timorous, former Imperial scientist.
ExziiFormal - SIS Agent Exzii Lanesko, in formal wear.
Ezad - Ezad Ochindu, rich playboy and a scientist for Czerka Corporation.
FemSmuggler - Female smuggler customization.
GadonThrall - Cipher Agent Gadon Thrall, Imperial Sniper.
Infaltra - Cipher Agent Infaltra, murderous psychopath.
InfaltraFormal - In formal wear.
jarael - A female Arkanian Offshoot.
josek - Jozek Stehlin, leader of the Mantellian NeoSeparatists.
MoffDalzell - Moff Kyofu Dalzell
redchiss - A "red chiss". Used for Sith purebloods.
separatist - NeoSeparatist Trooper
sepofficer - NeoSeparatist Officer
sithimp_f - Female Sith Officer
sithscout - Sith Scout Trooper/Technician
SK - SK-2 Assassin Droid
skytrooper - Zakuulan Skytrooper Droid
Syfas - Jedi Master Syfas
t3 - T3-series Astromech Droid
Ubese - An Ubese Assassin
vestara - Lady Szordis
Zakuul_Knight - A Knight of Zakuul.

Weapons (with /saber names):
dx2 - The SWTOR Resonating Vibroblade.
stunbaton - A KotOR-style Stun Baton.
gammobaxe - A Gamorrean battle-axe. Perfect for guarding Hutt palaces!
qstick - The Quarterstick. Like a quarterstaff, but one-handed!
qstaff - A full quarterstaff.
shortsword - A KotOR-style um... yeah.
longsword - Guess.
doublesword - A literal double-edged sword.
wookieblade - The Wookiee warblade: yet another reason not to piss them off.
vibroblade - The good 'ol classic vibroblade, everyone's favorite high-tech space katanas.
vibrosword - The vibroblade's big brother.
vibrodoubleblade - For when two blades are better than one.
echaniblade - The yellow Echani vibroblade.
mandoblade - The Mandalorian vidroblade. It's... blue!
echanidoubleblade - Guess.
mandodoubleblade - Guess.
Vibroswordmando - The mando vibroblade from an older pack. Iooks the same as the other one but lower quality. I may override it with something else.
templeg - Temple guard lightsaber (Single).
templeg2 - Temple guard lightsaber (Staff).
Kylo_Ren - Defiant Vented Lightsaber
saberpike - Lightsaber Pike
vibroknife - Guess.
comlink - A comlink. Plays emote when activated. Deals no damage.
datapad - A datapad. Plays emote when activated. Deals no damage.

Many of our roleplays feature the following maps:

We've used the following maps in the past, and may again:

And finally, we've considered using these maps in the future:

*WARNING: Delete the DLLs from the map PK3 or YOUR CLIENT WILL BREAK.

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